2 years ago

Capital Equity Structure-Common Stock and Shares

Now that we have learned some basic definitions,

we will examine the corporate finance function in a corporation, specifically

how the company raises equity funds to finance operations or new

investments. The corporate financ

2 years ago

Opening the Curtain on the New 2.0 Era of Impact Investing

Co-authored with Jed Emerson

Impact investing has not been growing as quickly as many practitioners might have hoped. read more...

2 years ago

'World Is Curved' offers valuable historical perspective

When Thomas Friedman published The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century, the title entered the English language as an explanation of globalization's impact on economics all the way to households -- not only in the United Stat read more...

2 years ago

RAIT Financial Trust Announces First Quarter 2016 Financial Results

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--RAIT Financial Trust ("RAIT") (NYSE: RAS) today announced first quarter

2016 financial results. All per share results are reported on a diluted



Cash Available for Distr

2 years ago

Market for mezzanine debt is taking off.

A new kind of debt deal is heating up among Wall Street lenders and opportunity Halo Capital blog funds these days, driven in large part by read more...

2 years ago

Mezzanine debt? | Yahoo Answers

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